A mid-holiday holiday

As part of my Homeland Holidays, I took a short city break to meet up with a friend from my academic life. It feels a little odd to have taken this break, as I have only been in The Homeland for a week. But as we were both due to be in Washington State, it seemed like a perfect opportunity to catch up and talk shop.

And so, a few days into my holidays, I headed over the mountain pass for a few days’ adventuring around the Puget Sound. It was a fun little break from what my holidays would normally be, in part because I found myself playing tour guide. Not only that, but I was playing tour guide in an area that I have so many happy memories from.

Our visit started with a drive into Seattle for a wander around Pike Place Market (it’s obligatory) and to visit the Seattle Spheres, Amazon’s headquarters. I have to say, the spheres were fabulous. I especially liked the gender-free bathroom facilities. (Yes, that should be the way forward everywhere!)

We also took a trip to Tacoma to visit the Museum of Glass before exploring Point Defiance Park. Then it was off to see Snoqualmie Fallsa place I like to visit as often as possible. Our final adventure was a hike to the top of Rattlesnake Ridge. I can’t recall the last time I made the climb, so it was great to reacquaint myself with the trail. Although I’ve been to the watershed in the past few years, most recently when I visited home before starting my PhD.

It was a lovely wee visit, and a way to break up my drive to Portland, which is where I’m writing this missive from… as I wait for my best friend to arrive home from work. So, stay tuned for more about that visit as my Homeland Holidays continue!

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