A month of letters

There’s a fabulous challenge taking place this month to write a letter for each day of postal service. (That’s 23 letters in America, as Sundays and Presidents’ Day don’t count.) I think it’s a great idea, although I acknowledge I’m not going to manage it.

Still, I have decided that I will up my letter-writing quotas from a minimum of two per month to a minimum of two per week.

I know that’s still not a lot, but I have to be realistic about my time, and my finances. After all, living in Scotland when most of my family are in America makes it a pricey little game if I write too many letters all at once.

(Although I am happy to write them. Really. And I always reply to letters received, so if you want to pop me a letter, just ask for my address!)

Anyhow, I now have four letters ready to go, which actually puts me on target for a letter-a-day (the 1st was a Sunday). I know I won’t manage 23 for the month, but I’m sure I’ll manage to get fairly close. Maybe.

And because I think it’s a great challenge, I’m issuing one of my own to all of my readers. Only my challenge will (hopefully) be easier for you to manage:

I challenge you to write two letters this month.

That’s all: Just two letters. To anyone you’d like to write to.

Need inspiration? Here are some letters you could write:

  • A thank you letter to a former teacher for encouraging or inspiring you
  • A random memory to a friend about something silly you once did together
  • An old family story to your child or another young family member
  • A love letter to your partner
  • A letter asking or granting forgiveness to someone (it could even be anonymous, if needed)

The possibilities are endless… but they all start the same: By putting pen to paper. Although you could opt to type your letter and print it out if you don’t like your handwriting.

And remember, by accepting the challenge you are giving someone the joy of getting real, hand-written, personal letters in the post. And let’s face it, that’s such an awesome feeling!

Now, go forth and write!

Oh! And if you wondered, the four letters in the photo (they’ll be posted tomorrow) all have a common theme: They’re all to my cousins. One each to Washington, Oregon, California, and South Dakota. Maybe it’s you… just don’t stalk your mailman to find out!

2 Replies to “A month of letters”

  1. Hi, Frances…sounds like fun…I’d like to join in, please, if I may. I accept your challenge. I’m one of you’re neighbours , living in England so the postal charges are minimal. I look forward to this….

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