A religious day in Glasgow

I went to Glasgow for a bit of museum-ing yesterday as part of my efforts to get out of the house a bit more. I didn’t have a real plan for my visit, but I expected that I would enjoy myself, and the day did not disappoint!

I started at the St Mungo Museum of Religious Life and Art. I had a whistle-stop tour of it back in 2002, so I was pleased to be able to really explore it now. And because there weren’t too many people there, I was able to really take my time and read about the various bits of religious art.

The first floor was dedicated to works of art from various world religions. From Buddha statues and stained-glass windows with depictions of the Christian bible to Hindu statues and Native American tapestries, there were many beautiful items to admire (and to learn about!).

There is also an area showcasing parts of religious life for various belief systems – from birth to marriage to holy service to death and the great beyond. I found it interesting to see the differences and similarities between the religions and really enjoyed the way it was curated.

The third floor tells the history of religion in Scotland from its pre-Christian beginnings through to its multi-faith fabrics of today. And as there are hands-on displays for learning and creating, I was even more excited about this area. (Yes, I know the games are for the children. But I am my parents’ child, so I can play, too!)

(The second floor houses a temporary exhibit which was temporarily closed.)

Afterwards, I made my way across to the Glasgow Cathedral where I intended to have a quick look around before heading back into town for a coffee and cake. Only when I got there I was greeted by the sounds of the Bearsden Choir practising for an evening performance of Mozart’s Requiem.

There was something magical about wandering around the ancient building with the choral music filling the space. So when I was done looking around, I sat and listened. It was such a wonderful and unexpected treat and it really made my heart sing.

I ended the day with friends who had invited me over for dinner. It meant that I didn’t get home until nearly midnight, but it really did make for a wonderful end to a wonderful day.

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