Time for new routines

I mentioned a while back that my life was suffering because I was unable (and in some ways, unwilling) to set a few routines for myself. So I’ve been kind of floating around for the last couple of years. And it’s had a very negative impact on my overall physical and mental well-being.

After taking advantage of an offer for “respite care” from someone I know, I began to understand what some of the routines I need to re-establish are. And now I’m (slowly) trying to address them.

[Note: I believe there’s a difference between a general routine and living in a rut. I aim to build a routine that allows for – and encourages! – a bit of spontaneity and varied adventures.]

The general areas of routine I need are sleeping, eating, exercise, study, and socialisation.

I need to be more rigid with my sleeping and waking schedule.

I need to get back into the habit of making healthy dinners and eating them at the table instead of on the couch.

I need to prioritise my running and other forms of exercise.

I need to re-focus my study time so that I don’t get side-tracked.

And, importantly, I need to make social time a priority so that I don’t find myself in (self-imposed) isolation again.

Each of those “needs” will require a few tweaks to my routine and my level of prioritisation. And I need to realise that I can’t just say “start going to bed at 10 pm and waking at 6 am” because there are so many other factors that will impact my ability (or, rather, willingness) to do that.

New routines won’t happen overnight and they won’t happen without occasional steps backwards. It will take time, but I am ready and willing to give it the time it needs. Of course, it will take even more time because I intend to take things slowly, introducing little changes over the coming days and weeks.

I don’t know exactly how I will get back on track, but I have made note of several things to work on. And, eventually, I’ll get to a good place once again; a place where life isn’t spent in a rut, but in a healthy routine.

And with luck, a healthy routine will also mean a happier, more confident Frances!

(As always, tips and suggestions are always welcome. I might not use them, but they’re always appreciated.)

2 Replies to “Time for new routines”

  1. I know you can do this. I think we all can use a change in a few things, I know I can and I have been slowly starting so I can and will be successful. So I say baby steps always get you there, and the Turtle won the race because he paced himself, so I know you can win this race.=-)

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