A silly challenge

Confession: I am a bit of a silly person. And I enjoy being silly. I think being silly is loads of fun!

OK, I suppose I didn’t really need to confess that, because I imagine that most people already knew that about me. But in case there were one or two people who didn’t know … it’s been said now.

To be honest, I’ve always been a bit silly. (Some might call it childish. What-evah!) I’ve found that a healthy dose of silliness and light-hearted fun can make all the difference in my mood, and my overall mental health. (Yes, being crazy keeps me sane!)

But I’ve also found that many people cease being silly as they age. It’s almost as if they think that maturity means they can’t be silly. But I think that being silly is a sign that you are mature enough to recognise that life is for enjoying and that, sometimes, the best way to enjoy it is to be silly!

And seeing other people act silly makes me really happy. And life is stressful just now so I want to fill my life with silliness and happiness – even if it’s someone else’s!

So, I’m setting a challenge for all of you to do something silly! And the person whose silliness entertains me the most will win a lovely, customised, hand-made sock monkey*!

Here’s out it works:

Think up some fun and silly things that you can do (and feel free to get others involved!) then implement your plan. Once you are done, come back and share the story with me in the comments below.

Maybe you’ll invent a new game. Maybe you’ll take over your local pub with an impromptu sing-along. Maybe you’ll invent a new “National Day of Silly Dancing” and get others to join in. Maybe you’ll organise a massive game of tag or hide-and-go-seek in your local park. Whatever you do, just make it really silly and really fun!

And get your children involved, too! After all, future adults need to learn that being silly is totally OK and, in fact, encouraged!

And please feel free to tell others about the challenge. The real point is to get people to be a little silly. Because silliness is fun! (Trust me on this.)


  1. Deadline for submission is midnight (GMT) 31 October 2014.
  2. Multiple entries are allowed, but there will only be one winner and one prize. If multiple people are on the same entry, they must share the monkey! (Sharing is nice!)
  3. Submissions are made by telling the story of your silliness in the comments below, but you must be able to show photographic or video proof by email if requested – or via a link** in your post. There is no word limit.
  4. You may use a false name, but must use a real email so that I can contact you if you win or for photographic or video proof.
  5. The winner will be chosen based purely on my enjoyment of the act of silliness.
  6. Silliness must not break any local laws and must not hurt the feelings of others. Further, it should not be deemed to be cruel to others (human or animal).

Now … go forth and be silly!

* The sock monkey is not guaranteed to be of high, or even decent, quality. It will probably look rather silly, to be honest, because I just cobble the things together without any real sewing skills. So don’t get your hopes up too high!
** If you know basic HTML, you can use that. If you want to upload a photo to your Facebook page or Twitter account, you can share the link to that here – but be sure to set the photo to public. Or you can pop me a note and I’ll email you!

Note: The monkeys shown on this post are not the monkeys you will win; these guys are already spoken for. The prize money will be made specifically for the winner and I will do my best to make it special!

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