A very a-peel-ing day

I was chatting with my friend Iris yesterday and learned that she’d never been to, or heard of, Linlithgow. And as it’s one of my favourite places, I needed to remedy that. (Which also means I’m keeping up on my desire to be more adventuresome.) So we boarded a train this morning to make the 20-minute journey to the ancient royal burgh. Once there, we wandered around the Linlithgow Peel, with a wee stop off at St Michael’s Parish Church and Linlithgow Palace, of course.

The peel is the grounds and parklands around the palace and includes Linlithgow Loch with a 2.25-mile trail along and around the loch that gives amazing views of the ruined palace and church. I’ve been to the palace and church on several occasions, but had never walked around the grounds, which means this was an exciting adventure for me, too!

(And yes, Mum, we can do the walk when you’re here. The ground is flat and even (although gravelled) and there are loads of benches for enjoying the views.)

I won’t spend any more time telling you all about the amazing day, and will instead just share some fantastic photos of the day. (The links above will give you more information if you really want to do some more reading.)

[Photos are a collection of mine and Iris’. If you want/need to know which of us owns the copyright for which photos, just shout out!]

4 Replies to “A very a-peel-ing day”

  1. I will never forget my very first view of Linlithgow. Guess I’m not all that upset about the SatNav sending us off in the wrong direction sometimes. I’m glad that Linlithgow was placed on the agenda … even though we didn’t visit it on that day. There are still many nooks and crannies I’d love to visit there. (Also at another, harder to reach, castle…and I’ll listen to the tape more on the next visit.)

    1. Hopefully the weather will be a bit nicer so that you can enjoy the space for a bit longer, too! I can’t wait until you and V are ready to start making actual plans for your visit!! 🙂

  2. So beautiful and you have an amazing eye when it comes to photo taking. There are a couple on here that appeal to me so much that they would be perfect on a wall or two! I pray to make it there some day.

    1. Thanks, Jen! I’m often a bit frustrated with my photos, but as long as they spark a memory for me, they are a success! I would love to have you come visit … just let me know when you’re ready!! 🙂

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