A visit to Crookston Castle

I’ve been away in Glasgow house and cat sitting for the past week. And as the ruined Crookston Castle is only a mile away, I decided it was high time I made a trip to see it*.

Like many of Scotland’s castles, Crookston Castle has a long history of changing hands, being attacked, and being sieged. That means that today, all that remains is a small portion of the original buildings. In fact, only one of the towers remain. That tower, however, is accessible to the public meaning that any soul brave enough to climb the rather questionable steps to the top (a couple of sets of stone steps followed by three modern-day iron ladders leaning at steep angles) can enjoy great views over the Crookston area of Glasgow.

The weather was a bit chilly for my trip today, but I did manage to miss out on the rain. It’s certainly someplace that’s worth a return visit, especially if it’s a warm and sunny day when you can enjoy a picnic on the grassy mound.

Anyhow, this is just a short post as I have much work to attempt at accomplishing.

Today’s thesis writing season update: Current word count: 4,000 of 80,000 (Only 76,000 to go!)

Next week’s task list:

  • Write
  • Write
  • Write
  • And write some more!!

* I had originally planned a visit when I house sat here for two weeks last summer. But I broke my ankle a couple of days before I arrived so had to give it a miss. So sad.

2 Replies to “A visit to Crookston Castle”

  1. Great shots of the castle,i lived in cardonald at 12 Angus oval until i was 19 then i left for Australia,i have been back 11 times to Glasgow and always loved visiting the Castle.
    Memories of school boy visits to play in the grounds,not a lot left now except memories
    two years ago i was home with my youngest son and his wife and two wee girls,boy did the weans enjoy their visit to the castle,many thanks for the pics ,lovely
    best wishes
    Bill Leitch
    ps planning one more visit back home ,we will see if this 75 yr old boy can make it

    1. Hi, Bill. Thanks for the note!

      I really do enjoy Crookston Castle. It is quite near where my friends live and I try to pop by anytime I’m there pet-sitting for them.

      Here’s hoping you’re able to make it for another visit.

      All my best,

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