Affordable vintage

Judy’s Affordable Vintage Fair was in Edinburgh today, so I went out with my lovely friend, Susan, to find some affordable vintage flair. I had hoped to find some fabulous 1950s tea dresses or some fantastic handkerchiefs, but those things didn’t seem to be in ready supply. But I did manage to find a few lovelies to bring home!

I inspected several handbags but didn’t see anything to add to my collection. Not because I didn’t see any nice ones, but because I didn’t see any that I would actually use. And if you’re not going to use it, what’s the point in owning it?

I also looked at several dresses and skirts, but nothing seemed to be the right size. Some were too big; some were too small. Some were too long; some were too short. And the ones that would have been a perfect fit were the wrong size for my budget. (Thankfully, I am slowly stealing inheriting my Mum’s old stuff which fits me and my budget!)

I did, however, have great luck with the jumper section. In fact, I picked out a nice teal-blue soft wool early-1960s jumper. It’s a fitted number with a collar – and was made in Scotland making it that much nicer. It will be great for wearing with my collection of floral and polka-dot skirts.

I also found four beautiful silk and rayon scarves. Not snuggly winter ones, but the kind I can wear in my hair or tied around my neck in place of a necklace. A couple of them might even work as a nice belt with a long jumper.

The scarves are a bit of a new addition to my larger vintage hoarding habits. I don’t generally go for things like that, but I have been thinking of giving the look a go. And with the affordable price tag, I figured this was the day to jump in!

The haul set me back £11, but the money came out of an existing budget for second-hand clothes. I still have a bit remaining in the fund, but as soon as I finish spending it all, I will share a wee photo gallery of my finds. (I’ve been searching since November and hope to finish spending this special pot of money soon.)

Anyhow, it was a fantastic day with a fantastic friend. I hope your day was filled with just as much greatness and mine was!

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