A letter challenge

It’s that time of year again, so dust off your quills, fill up your ink wells, and grab your parchment – or at the very least, find a Bic and a bit of loose leaf! Why? Because the annual “A Month of Letters” challenge starts tomorrow!

The “official” challenge is to write one letter for every day the postal service is delivering in February. In America, that would be 24 letters; in the UK, that would be 25. (29 days, less 4 Sundays, less Presidents’ Day in America.) But if you’ve not written a letter in a while, or ever, that might be a bit overwhelming. So my challenge to you is a little more manageable: I challenge you to write two letters this February. Just two.

Need inspiration? Here are some letters you could write:

  • A thank you letter to someone from your past (for example, a former teacher or coach for encouraging or inspiring you)
  • A random memory to a friend or a sibling about something silly you once did together
  • An old family story to your child or another young family member – or even a special family recipe
  • A love letter to your partner – or to the person you have a crush on (send it anonymously, if needed)
  • A letter asking or granting forgiveness to someone (again, anonymously if needed)

The possibilities are endless… but they all start the same: By putting pen to paper. Although you could opt to type your letter and print it out if you don’t like your handwriting.

Last year, I offered to write letters to any readers who wanted to receive a letter. Happily, someone from England took me up on the offer, and we’ve been sending letters back-and-forth ever since. I’ve really looked forward to the days when I come home and see a new letter waiting for me! I think it’s been a mutually joyful connection – all because someone took up the challenge!

This year, I’m going to do something different. This year, I am going to offer to write letters for you, rather than to you. (Well, for some of you.) I will write up to 10 letters or cards to people suggested by you. (You can opt to remain anonymous in the process.)

What will I write? Well, it might be a wee get-well, congratulations, or encouraging card/letter to someone you know who needs a bit of extra joy. It might be a special birthday card or a postcard from Scotland to someone who deserves an unexpected treat. Or it might be a random funny story that I make up just to provide a bit of silliness to someone’s otherwise bland day. You tell me what you need or what to say, and I’ll sort out the rest. (Note: I will not send anything mean or upsetting, or anything contrary to my personal moral codes and values.)

If you’d like me to write something for you, please get in touch!

And if you’re going to take part in the challenge to write your own letters, please do let me know! I’d love to hear how you get on!

And remember, by accepting the challenge you are giving someone the joy of getting real, hand-written, personal letters in the post. And let’s face it, that’s such an awesome feeling!

Happy writing!

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