Always the sun

The weather forecast today was for sleet and snow. But I was enticed out for a walk with a friend, so bundled up to face the elements. I admit that part of me hesitated to go because I was in a mildly sulky mood. But then I remembered that spending time with dear friends always warms my soul. So when my friend arrived to pick me up, I happily went out into the sleet.

As we walked along the trail with two dogs in tow, I was smiling despite the chilly wind. After all, I had the warmth of friendship to accompany me.

And, as (almost) always, my friend was prepared with a couple of geocache locations for our walk. And that meant we had treasures to find – other than the precious gem that is a good friendship.

When we neared the spot, my friend read out the hint “always the sun”. As he was looking along one side of the road, I began to think about what that could mean.

“Always the sun” in the middle of a shady forest? Oh! Maybe it meant the south side of a tree. So I began walking towards a larger tree on the other side of the road. One side was completely covered in moss and the other side was bare. I figured it must be the south side, and therefore the side that always had the sun.

And it did. Carved right there in the trunk of the tree. A pretty little sun directing me to the hidden treasure.

“Always the sun” led me to the spot to look even before seeing the sun. Just like remembering that spending time with my friend always warms my soul, which prompted me to head out in the first place.

Yeah, I realise that this is a totally corny and sappy (trees!) post. But there’s a point. And that point is simply this:

Even when the weather is bleak and cold, remember that good friends are always the sunshine in our lives. And we can all use a bit of sun in our lives.

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