Applying myself

With less than six weeks of classes left – and less than 20 weeks until my dissertation is due – it’s time to start thinking about the future again. And that means getting a job!

Of course, it’s not as easy as just getting a job when you’re a foreign national who requires a visa for work. Then again, with the current levels of unemployment in the UK skyrocketing, it’s even more difficult!

So, I’m applying for jobs. Lots of them. Some are right up my alley and others would be a step backwards but a job is a job. Plus, all of them would allow me to stay here in Scotland if I was offered the job.

Sadly, I’ve yet to have success. I’ve not even made it to the interview stage yet. But I keep looking and I keep applying. Because eventually, someone is going to see my application and realise that I am the best person for the job.

I have another round of applications going out this week, and at least one of the jobs is one that I really, really want. Your good thoughts and prayers are appreciated! And in return, I promise to keep you posted about the job search.

One Reply to “Applying myself”

  1. If you can spare the time, volunteer. My volunteer hours made a huge difference when applying for jobs in Canada as a resident alien with no country-specific collateral (fancy speak for no Canadian educational or work experience). The situation sucks but there are ways round it. Good luck.

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