Back to Blackness

I was invited out for a mini-adventure with a friend and her kids. And as you know, I can rarely turn down an offer for an adventure! So, it was off to Blackness Castle we went. It was the first visit for my adventure partners, but I was going back to someplace I’ve been before.

I was first at Blackness Castle with my Mum as part of her first visit to Scotland in 2010. But I am certain that I have been back since then. Only I can’t quite remember when it was or who I was with. Maybe it’s a false memory? I don’t know.

But I do know that I went back to Blackness this week. And I know that it was a lot of fun because I was there with my young friend, O, who I’ve had many mini-adventures with over the years. (Including this onethis onethis onethis one, and this one!)

O and I had great fun running around the castle to complete the quiz. We counted the number of gun holes the fortress had – and we counted fireplaces and bolts and even the number of bridges we could see from the top of the tower. It was, as always, a great day out!

The best thing about going back to Blackness, however, was that it reminded me of my Mum, and it made me that much more excited about the adventures we’ll have together when I’m home to visit in August! (I really can’t wait!)

Stay tuned for more summer adventures…

2 Replies to “Back to Blackness”

  1. Sure, we did “visit” in 2010. However, we never made it into the castle proper since they were closing at the time we arrived. I was impressed on that day by the number of families having picnics on the grounds. We did return in 2012 for a better visit. I wasn’t very fond of the slippery rocks I needed to “scale” to reach the rooms. But at that time the stairs were under repair. I would gladly return for more exploration in and around Blackness.

    I’m happy that you had such a good day out with friends. Looking forward to a few days like that when you arrive over here.

    1. Ah! That’s it! I knew that they were just closing up on one of my visits… I just forgot that was with you! I remember the slippery courtyard and I remember you waiting down there whilst I climbed to the top of the tower. And, of course, I remember our selfie at the end of the pier.

      Now I don’t feel like I was going crazy figuring out when and if I’d been another time!!

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