Beaming with pride

Around 4:30 this morning Schrodie really started to get on my nerves. She was zipping around the house like crazy; pounding on the wood floors like mad. It wasn’t long before she was in my room scuffling around in my shoes under the vanity. (OK, shoes are meant to be stored in the closet, so now you know I’m a slob.) In a moment of sleepy frustration, I threw the cat out of the room and shut the door then tried to get back to sleep.

But the cat sat out there, pushing her paw under the door trying to get back in. And I ignored her – until I started to hear noises under the bed. Noises that sounded like the cat was playing under the bed (a regular habit). But I put her out… right?

So I think to myself: “Is it possible that there’s a mouse in the house?” Then I realise there can’t be. I’ve not seen any evidence of mice. But then I start to remember it’s harvest season and that’s when the little field mice start to take shelter from the evil combines.

Well, I’m up now. Those noises are not going away and the cat is still desperate to be allowed back in my room. I open the door and in she bolts. She’s reaching her paws under the dresser. She’s trying to get behind the clothes hamper. She’s sniffing around the shoes under the vanity.

And I’m watching her – curious as to what she’s found. Another grasshopper? Another spider? A cricket or a beetle?

Then it happens – the tiniest little grey field mouse sticks its head out from behind the vanity. And the cat goes crazy all over again.

OK, she’s not made the kill yet, but for those who are familiar with Schrodie’s very non-cat-like ways, you’ll know that just the act of stalking a mouse is an advancement in her membership to the Feline Academy.

Here’s hoping my lovely cat has a nice, dead present for me when I return from work.

Go Schrodie, go!

4 Replies to “Beaming with pride”

  1. Well, seeing as Jenna’s phone went all screwy on me and deleted my comment, I,ll just say what I remember typing – “Schrodie – the Hunter” will someday replace Orion in the night sky. Just thinking about a kitty-cat with a screwed-up tail up there next to Pisces and the Twins is enough to make me laugh hysterically. Schrodie, we all are proud of you. And, hopefully, ‘That Darn Cat’ will show us that she can achieve something big like that. Just don’t expect her to start doing the laundry or cleaning house, Aunt Awesome.

  2. Let’s hope she doesn’t do what mine used to – kill it, eat half and leave the rest (usually the front half, with beseeching look) for me to find. the sight of half a mouse (or more usually rabbit!) looking at you when you open the front door is not one to be welcomed!!
    But go, Schrodie otherwise!
    you do of course realise that if she does kill this one and you act pleased, she’ll bring you one in alive for you to catch and kill next time

  3. Ah, memories. I remember the time when Cali used to chase (and catch) mice and even birds. Enjoy it while you can. Go Shrodie!!

  4. Well, no evidence that shows the cat got the mouse. And now I don’t know if the mouse is still taking up residence in my bedroom – or elsewhere in the house. The cat’s no longer stalking… so maybe she ate it or buried it? Or maybe the mouse got away and returned to the out doors?

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