Just a quick trip

So there I was in line at the British Airways counter at SeaTac. With me were three of my five sisters and their kids and a wanna-be sister (that’s you, J.D.) and her kids. (For those counting, that’s 13 people.) I was the only one in the group with experience travelling overseas, so I was the spokeswoman for us. Or maybe that was because I’m bossy and controlling. Either way, I was the leader.

I start handing passports over to the nice woman behind the counter and all of a sudden I realise that mine is dog-eared. Now, this panicked me. I was very upset about having a not-pretty passport so asked her to begin processing the information for the other 12 people in my travel party whilst I popped over to the instant passport printing machine. I took three minutes to get my new passport and it was fab! I even managed to include my signature green on the information page. It was an extra $10 for the customised look, but well worth it!

Once back at the counter, we finished the check-in process and made our way through the security lines. In front of us was David Tennant. We struck up a conversation and he was pleased to learn that he was speaking to Just Frances of Internet fame. So pleased, in fact, that he asked for some pens. Left-handed ones to boot!

Before I knew it we were on a plane bound for Heathrow. It must have been the shortest flight in the world because within moments we’d landed and were heading through immigration before heading to the train station. I’d really wanted to fly up north, but the romantic notion of train travel carried by my travel companions meant that I was out-voted. So instead, we took a long and boring train journey to Scotland; my companions pointing out every old building and spray-paint-dotted sheep along the route. (I think I was smiling secretly as I recalled my first train journey in the UK.)

Finally, we arrived at Waverly Station in Edinburgh and made our way to my friend’s amazing country house – which was only about a two-minute walk from the station.

As the rest of the group got settled into their rooms for the night, I sat there visiting with my friend who was preparing to make me a cuppa tea. We were having a great little chat when all of the sudden the kettle started whistling.

At the same time, my alarm clock started to go off. Yep, it was time to re-enter reality and go to work. Oh well. Maybe I can return to my lovely conversation tonight. After all, it’s not fair that everyone else’s holiday was cut short when I awoke from my dream.

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    1. I’m just pleased you were able to join us! BTW: Your daughter loved looking at all the sheep. The different colored spots on them made her giggle. 😉

  1. You totally had me going! And honestly, my first thought was, I want to go to the UK with Frances! Too forward? I can’t help it. You rock and I think your sisters would be crazy to not figure out a way to make your dream a reality.

    1. Too funny! I figured that if the three-minute, customizable passport didn’t give it away, having David Tennant turn out to be a Just Frances fan certainly would have. But hey, for all I know he’s reading this right now wishing he had the courage to call me up… (David, if you’re reading, feel free to give me a call. You know you want to!)
      I’d love to have you as my travel companion! Pack a bag and let’s go!

  2. Took me a tad longer to catch on than it should have, because your mention of a dog-eared passport distracted my attention and reminded me of my last trip to Heathrow. With a passport that contained my maiden name and wasn’t exactly dog-eared, but rather missing a triangle from the corner…

    1. Someone once told me that their ex cut the corner off their passport as part of the “we’re breaking up; I hate you” game. He didn’t think it was as funny as she did…

  3. My excuse is that I’ve just woken up. I truly believed it all up to the point that I thought, hang on, she’s not due to come to the UK until later in the year!
    I was so envious of the US self printing passport – although now I come to think of it that does sound a bit unlikely!!

    1. Don’t worry – you’ll get advanced warning of any UK trips I make! My next (planned) trip is for a wedding in Fife on October 16. I don’t know when I’ll be traveling or how long I’ll be there, but I’m certain there’ll be time for a Cosmo or three with my favourite Stirling resident!
      (Wouldn’t it be cool if they had automated passport machines though? Or better yet, wouldn’t it be cool to run into David Tennant in the security line?)

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