Back to school

Way-hey! Tomorrow is the first day of school. I’m totally excited! I’ve got my backpack packed, my pencils sharpened, my way-awesome binder loaded with college-ruled paper, and my protractor tucked neatly away in a little pouch.

I can almost smell the construction paper and paste wafting through the halls. I can almost taste the overly-processed, barely recognisable as food, lunch waiting for me in the cafeteria. I can almost hear the laughter of happy children on the playground…

Oh, wait. It’s not me who’s going to school tomorrow. It’s the kid. Darn!

Yep, the kid starts 6th grade in the morning. Middle school. Wow. It seems like less than two weeks ago that she came into my life…

Oh, wait. It was less than two weeks ago!

So, for those wondering how I’m getting on with the kid – we’re getting on quite well. I think that she’s both excited and nervous about starting middle school tomorrow. She totally loves her awesome new backpack. It’s purple and it has a butterfly. Cool. (I must admit to liking the butterfly motif myself, but I’d rather it in green.)

For those wondering about my own back-to-school plans – they are still in process. I can’t send off my applications for autumn 2011 until after the 2010 school year begins, but I am working on them now. I promise. My goal is to have everything ready for my applications before the end of September. I promise. Really.

Happy back-to-school season to all!!

4 Replies to “Back to school”

  1. another two weeks till back to school for us (and coincidentally, i have some 2011 back to school potential plans for myself too).
    all best wishes to the kid on her first day.
    such excitement for you both

    1. I’m actually glad that school is starting so quickly after the kid was placed with me. Because I was totally unprepared for an 11-year-old, I didn’t have anything to entertain her with. (Paul and I were getting ready to adopt younger kids, so the toys are a bit too simple for a double-digit aged kid!)
      She didn’t seem too excited about the morning, but I noticed her blue butterfly top and mentioned I had some old butterfly hair clips she could use. She’s now excited to go to school to show off her hair. Yeah, I rock like that!
      School lunch today is corn dogs. I’m way-jealous!

  2. Woah, middle school. that’s grown up territory! Hope she got on ok. How are you coping with it all???
    I’m pleased to hear about your end of Sept deadline. Do I ‘remind’ you in the middle of the month then?

    1. I’m overwhelmed with the size of the school! Wow! There are about 500 students in the school (three grades). That’s more than double the size of my middle school growing up (there were maybe 200 students). She seemed to know everyone when we walked through the doors, so that’s good!
      I’m, working on my letter now and hope to have it ready shortly after Labor Day (September 6). I might give you a shout for a quick proof read – but please feel free to bug me about it all you want! I find nagging to be a useful form of motivation.

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