Bit of Saturday shopping

The folks came to visit, so while Daddy went on a bike ride to Palouse and back, Mum and I headed to Moscow for some antique and book shopping.

And I’ve totally scored!

I was actually looking for a “new” vintage handbag at the antique store but they didn’t have anything that I would actually use, and what’s the point in a cool, old handbag if it’s just going to sit in the closet? I did, however, manage to find a couple of new handkerchiefs – which is good because I am still suffering from a nasty cold. I also found a great ring. It’s a tiger’s eye set in silver and fits just right! I’d been looking for a tiger’s eye ring for a while, and since I wasn’t spending money on a handbag, I got something else for my hand instead!

When we finally made our way to the book store, Mum went in search of some cookbooks and I hit the discount CD racks. I used to love spending rainy Saturdays in Fopp looking through the racks and today reminded me of that. I really didn’t plan to buy anything, but Mom was taking her time so my hands slowly started to fill up. I got six CDs in total including Etta, Miles, Harry, and (because it was only 97¢) a Debbie Gibson CD (really!).

I know I should have stayed home to rest and recuperate a bit more, but I felt it would be unfair for Mum to have travelled all this way to just sit around… And I’m such a thoughtful daughter!

2 Replies to “Bit of Saturday shopping”

  1. I suppose that I should be more specific and say I hate clothes and shoe shopping. I enjoy shopping at antique, hardware, gadget, and book stores for vintage accessories, power tools, useless gadgets and gizmos, and books or music.
    Generally, I know just what I’m looking for and I don’t like to fanny about looking at every rack in every store within a 10-mile radius. (Unless there’s a great tool sale at Sears, then I’ll stay forever dreaming of owning power tools I don’t need.)
    But the ring is really great! I really love the coloring of it!

  2. Great ring, in fact a great haul altogether. Go girl, I thought you didn’t like shopping too!!

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