Taste testing

Part of being a redneck means that homemade booze is a fixture in your life. In my case, I don’t make my own booze (anymore). I just drink the goods my wonderful mom produces.

A fan of fine Brandy, I was very excited more than a year ago when Mum first mentioned her latest attempt at home-brew: “Mock Cognac”. Well, today was finally tasting day!

With a glass of Hennessy’s VS Cognac in one hand and a glass of Mum’s Cle Elum-brewed brandy in another, I was ready for the challenge. Result: Not bad. Whilst Mum’s isn’t as smooth as Hennessy’s, it’s certainly an improvement on some of the bottom-shelf stuff I’ve suffered.

We’ll do another taste in about seven months before she wraps it up for Christmas gifts, so there’s time for it to age and improve a bit more. In the meantime, I will start looking for some good cocktail recipes for when I get my share of the liquid gold…

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