Blocked: How you can help!

I have loads of things I want to write about. But I can’t. Some of them need to wait until “the right moment” and others need more refinement in my head. Others are just these random things that I kind of want to share but I don’t really know if they warrant sharing.

But I want to write something for you. Partly because writing makes me happy and sharing my thoughts with the ethers really is a great ego boost. (I’ve always been up front about the fact that this blog serves to boost my ego!) Of course, I also want to write something for you because I think that some of you really do want to read what I have to say. I don’t quite know why, because most of what I have to say is a bit silly. However, our relationship is that I write; you read. That’s how this thing works.

And so, I need your help! I want to know what you want me to write about in the coming days. To that, I’m soliciting your opinions and questions. This is your opportunity to ask me anything you want. (Overly personal or insulting questions may not be answered.) You can ask me to give my opinion on a specific subject or to write a list of my top [however many whatevers]. You can ask me to write a poem about your favourite [blank] or to follow up on a post from the past. You can even set a challenge for me to do and blog about.

Basically, any reasonable topic request will be granted.

So, let’s hear from you: What do you want to hear from me?

8 Replies to “Blocked: How you can help!”

  1. Hi Frances – I am always curious about works of art and how they can cause great emotion. What book, piece of music, painting, poem, etc. has stirred great emotion within you? What emotion(s) were brought forth? Was it a particular part of the work that brought out the emotion?

    1. Ooo… Great question! I’ve decided to tackle this bit-by-bit, so wrote about my favourite books and what they mean to me tonight. I have a favourite poem that I’ll share soon, but I really need to think about music and paintings a bit. But I’ll try to get to them! I love that your questions have made me think about my emotions toward these things that I generally take for granted!

  2. I’ve actually been thinking about this since I saw your post yesterday. I’ve been trying to think of something that I don’t know about you, which is lots I’m sure, that you would be willing to share. This is what I came up with. Do you believe in having regrets? Would you do certain things over and differently if you could, or would you allow mistakes, judgments, whatever, stand because of the learning and growth that came from it? Or were there times that the only learning that came was the knowledge that you would never do something again? And this is not to say that I think you’ve made lots of mistakes. In fact I don’t think that. I’m just curious what you think about regrets in general and dealing with them.

    1. Oh, so much to say about this! And it’s actually a topic I’ve thought about addressing in the past. Now, I just need to figure out how to put my many thoughts on the topic into story form. It’s a challenge I’m happy to accept! (And one I don’t mind talking about at all!)

  3. I’d like to hear about one of your ancestors. Like one you would have liked to meet but didn’t have the chance or just tell something about your heritage.

    1. Sharon, I love this request! I am actually very proud of my ancestral past and it’s a great story to share. I wonder if it’s one that I might let my Mom do as a guest post though, since she is very actively researching our family history at the moment. Or maybe we can tag-team a good story (or story series!). With photos, of course!

  4. I know I am a little late in the response here, but I am still interested in how you are adjusting to life in Scotland again and I know you think about your future there so I would love to hear how that is shaping up as well as some of the definite differences between the hemispheres you run into on a daily basis?

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