Break-less spring break

It’s been nearly a week since spring break started, but it’s been anything but a break! Still, this is what I signed up for so I’m not complaining.

I got off to a very productive start, but I admit that I’ve not managed to update you on my progress as promised. Further, I admit that I’ve not managed to get as much running in as I’d hoped for so I won’t be hitting my goal of 30 total miles over the break. Oh, and my taxes might get delayed since my folks decided to take a last-minute road trip to see some of the glorious waterfalls around Washington State (like this one!) which mean that they’re not home to search for a couple of documents I need.

But the rest of my to-do list is going pretty well. No, really. It is!

In fact, today was spent reading (a lot) and writing for my dissertation and working on a job application for a job that I really want, but that I’m not too convinced I’ll even get an interview for. [Enter prayers and an extra dose of hopeful thoughts here.]

Tomorrow is another reading, writing, and applying day. And hopefully, by Saturday I’ll be caught up enough to manage a run, too.

Busy, busy, busy…

2 Replies to “Break-less spring break”

  1. Sounds like you’re making great progress.
    And a little more confidence about the job application would be entirely merited, by the way…

  2. Heading along the Gorge on Hwy. 14 we saw several lovely waterfalls, but none we could stop to visit. So, our first real day of waterfalls was the scenic route 30 in Oregon. We visited all the standards and I still think that my favorite is Horsetail Falls. Shepperds Dell Falls was quite nice too. It even had a ready made frame! Palouse Falls was really roaring, and the plunge pool spit up a lot of mist.

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