Bullets, bikes, and BBQ

Once again, it’s been a couple of busy days as I enjoy my lovely American holidays. I admit that yesterday began with a less-than-happy start as my stress levels got the best of me, but it improved drastically as the day went on.

So, what have I been up to? I mean, other than digging underneath headstones? Well, since you asked …

Early afternoon yesterday, my Daddy got my bike down from the rafters in the garage and got her road-ready before we took a wee spin out to the gravel pit. It was my first time riding in more than two years but, as expected, it was like I was out riding only the day before.

After our ride, we headed up to Uncle Christopher’s for some amazingly delicious barbeque ribs and potato salad. I haven’t been to his property in several years and was excited to see that his cabin is nearly done. Well, it’s liveable at least. (Come on—he’s only owned the property for 33 years. You can’t expect him to be finished building yet!)

When I woke up today, I got my bike out again and took a ride down to the Cottage Cafe to meet my friend, George, for coffee. Then, it was off to Ellensburg with Daddy for a couple of quick errands.

On the way back from Ellensburg, we took the “Old Road” so that I could pop off a few rounds on Daddy’s 9mm hand gun. Not that I’m a gun nut or anything, but I am a redneck American who’s been living in Scotland for two years. There are just some things a girl misses from home when she’s away…

Then, before dinner, I hopped back on my bike for a wee 6-mile ride out to the gravel pit once again. In the heat of the sun. Yes, it was lovely!

Anyhow, that’s just a quick update for those who care. Tomorrow I’m planning to wake up early to go for a quick run before I head over to the military base with my folks. Then on Thursday I might go and hang out at the local radio station for a bit before visiting with more friends.

Busy, busy, busy… but busy is a good thing!

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