Carving out time

I carved out time in my Easter weekend to travel to Stirling for lunch with friends today. Afterwards, we went for a wee wander around the Back Walk at Stirling Castle and, to my pure joy and amusement, there were several new carvings along the walk to enjoy!

If you don’t remember, I spent two years living in Stirling shortly after my husband died. So Stirling kind of feels like home in a strange way. And that made this new addition to my “home” even more special. That, and sharing it with friends I met whilst living there.

I’ve only been back to Stirling twice since moving back to my beloved Edinburgh, but today was a reminder that I need to go back more often. After all, I have a lot of happy, happy memories of the place!

Anyhow, I promised Mum I’d share photos of the carvings, so here they are – along with a few others from the end of the walk, and a couple of older carvings in the middle of the gallery. I’m sure she’ll enjoy them in person when she comes for her next visit.

2 Replies to “Carving out time”

  1. So, chop down a tree and use the stump for art work? I love it! I wasn’t sure what some of the carvings were, but those I understood were quite nice. I’m looking forward to seeing them!

    1. Yeah, I thought it was a great way to incorporate some artwork in with the clearing of dangerous trees. We’ll definitely check them out when you’re here next!

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