Oh my goodness! I have just realised that I never told you all about the lovely swirl-fly I created way back when. But, thankfully, when I was packing up for my upcoming move, I ran across a bit of clutter that reminded me all about it.

That bit of clutter? A postal receipt for a finished and framed swirl. And that’s prompted me to tell you the story I should have told you more than a year ago. Of course, it’s been so long now that I’m just going to share the highlights. So, here goes!

Way back in February 2012 I held a little anniversary competition for my blog. The prize was a custom-made swirl. But the winner decided that he didn’t actually want the swirl for himself – instead, he asked that I send it to a hospice or cancer charity.

I chatted a bit about the process here and there, but I never did get around to telling you when it was finished. Nor did I share a final picture with you.

So, here it is! And, if you’re wondering, it was sent to the Strathcarron Hospice here in Scotland with a wee note explaining how it found its way to them.

I wonder what sorts of interesting things I’ll find as I clear through the rest of my clutter in preparation for my move…

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