Non-goodbye goodbyes

Today was my last day of work. Only I’m technically still working for the organisation until Friday. Only I’m also planning on returning in a month. So I kind of said goodbye to my [former?] co-workers today. But it’s weird because it’s not really goodbye.

So, here’s the deal: I’m heading back to America next week where I will apply for my new student visa and have a wee holiday before beginning my PhD studies in October.

And when I leave the country, I will no longer be a visa holder and will therefore be unable to work – even remotely – which means I’ve had to quit my job.

But I’ve been asked if I would work part-time when I return, so I’ll be starting a new part-time, temporary contract in October.

Of course, this all assumes that there are no problems with my new visa application and I’m actually able to return in October for school. If that’s not the case, then I suppose my non-goodbyes will then become real goodbyes. (Let’s hope that doesn’t happen!)

Anyhow, I have two days’ holiday to look forward to before I’m really and truly unemployed. So that’s something to look forward to!

How will I spend that time? With chores. Lots and lots of chores. After all, I’ll be leaving on a jet plane in just a few days!

Photo Notes: That’s Kim Possible in the photo. She is my little office mascot and has followed me around since August 2004 when my nephew, Adrian, gave her to me.

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