Combing the Ayrshire coast

I spent the last three days beachcombing in Ayrshire with a friend and managed to find all sorts of cool things. (And, sadly, a cold!) Our walks took us north to Ardrossan and as far south as Culzean Castle. It was my first time exploring that area of Scotland, but I’m sure it won’t be my last!

My beachcombing friend has a wee boat and does a bit of lobster fishing as a hobby. But he has never bought any equipment (other than the boat) as he just uses what he finds washed up along the shore. And so, we went out in the hopes of finding a lobster creel or two – and we did; we found two! Or, rather, one and a bit.

We also found several un-opened tins of beer and some other rubbish. And I found Nessie playing in the water, too!

I won’t bore you with more about my adventures, mostly because my head is full of cold and I want to go to bed. But you can enjoy some photos of the views and treasures I enjoyed from my trip.

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