Crazy for Doritos

When I eat Doritos, I smile. And sometimes I even laugh a little bit. All because of my obsessive-compulsive way of eating them – and the memory of when the habit was pointed out to me.

It was more than a dozen years ago and I was spending the day with a dear friend’s young daughter. We’d gone to “the city” for the day and stopped to get some snacks to enjoy in the park before heading back.

As we sat there snacking away, my little friend asked with extreme curiosity and puzzlement why I stopped to look at both sides of my Doritos before eating them.

And I stopped in my tracks because I hadn’t realised that anyone noticed that I did that. (Although I was aware that I did it.)

So, why did I do it? And why do I still do it?

Simple: I want to ensure that I am putting the snack into my mouth in a way that makes the side with the most flavouring land directly on my taste buds!

I do the same thing with Pringles and flavoured crackers and any other treats that tend to have an uneven distribution of flavouring.

Yes, I am crazy. But you didn’t need to read this to know that, did you? Crazy behaviours seem to share a common sodium-laden theme in my world I guess!

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