It seems that the craft bug has bitten me again – oh, dear! And, once again, I’ve crafted something that I don’t plan on keeping.

I’ve been planning this craft project for quite some time now and had planned to do a total of six eggs. But shortly after I blew out the first two eggs, life got a little crazy and I never got around to hollowing out the other four. And for a while, I even considered tossing out the first two shells and forgetting about the project altogether.

But last weekend I decided I needed to at least create the two eggs, so I sat down and started crafting. I figured it would be a simple, one-day project, but I learned two things:

  1. The tissue paper I chose for the base was too thin and tore very easily when soaked in my homemade decoupage paste
  2. The light colour of the paper meant that the brown of the egg shell came through which wouldn’t look nice once I put the butterfly cut outs on top

After learning these lessons, I finished the first layer then left the eggs to dry. Then the next day I went back over the eggs with a heavier base paper (another tissue paper, but thicker) then added the butterflies. Then in the afternoon, I went out to find some clear coat to put over it all (something like shellac) but couldn’t find anything. This meant that my backup plan had to be put in motion: Clear nail varnish.

So, there you have it. Two decoupage eggs and I didn’t have to purchase any supplies. (But you could if you wanted.) Here’s what I used:

  • Two eggs, blown out and air-dried
  • Tissue paper (the first lot was from a gift, the second lot was wrapped around flowers)
  • Small paper shopping bag (this is where the butterfly cut outs came from)
  • Decoupage paste (made with equal parts of basic white glue and water)
  • Clear nail varnish

And now that they’re done, I am going to package them to send to a friend who may or may not like them. (But I hope that she appreciates the thought either way.)

I wonder what crafty project I can get up to next weekend …

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