Swirls for sale!

I have finally done it! I have finally started selling my swirls!

As you likely know by now, I have been swirling for nearly three years. (Thankfully, I’ve gotten better!) It’s a relaxing hobby that helps me to focus my mind – or distract it – when needed. And it seems that my enjoyable hobby produces designs that others really enjoy. I’ve made a few custom swirls for friends, and I’ve put together several sets of note cards for family and friends, too.

But now, it’s time to start making some money from my swirling endeavours. After all, that PhD isn’t going to pay for itself!

So, here’s the deal:
I am creating note cards from a selection of my swirls and I will be selling them through Etsy. (In fact, I just opened my shop today and I’ve already made a sale. Yay!) As of this writing, I only have three designs in the shop, but I will add more if this venture is successful. Also, I will create special listings if there are certain cards you want, just pop me a wee note to let me know and I’ll set it up.

Also, I will be selling prints and custom originals over time. But if you don’t want to wait, please feel free to contact me today and we can talk. After all, life is all about the money these days as I try to save up for school!

If you’re interested in purchasing swirl note cards, click on the images below to place an order. And please feel free to share this link (or a link to my Etsy shop) with your friends.

(Sorry for going all “sales mode” on you there. I promise not to make a habit of it.)

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