Different views

My foster daughter and I hiked up to the vista at Kamiak Butte this morning where we sat on a bench with our sketchbooks and pencils and got to work capturing the view on paper.

The same bench. The same type of paper. The same type of pencil. But very different interpretations.

[Mine is the top drawing; The Kid’s is the bottom.]

5 Replies to “Different views”

  1. oh yes! i love comparing how people see the world differently. it’s fascinating finding out about famous artist’s eye problems, cognitive function and so on – a real reminder that not everyone sees the same subject in the same way
    PS: yes, you do have competition

  2. I glanced over at her book when she was sketching and was a bit green with envy. I’ve always admired people who can sketch abstractly. I love the look of it but I am not able to let myself free. She really is an amazing little artist!!

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