Escaping to the hermitage

Sometimes I wonder if I could become a reluctant hermit, living in my own little hermitage, hiding away from society, and sulking away my life one day at a time. But, thankfully, I have just enough of a desire for company to save myself from myself!

To make sure I didn’t spend my entire week’s holiday alone, I sent a message out to my friends on Facebook letting them know that I was up for activities. And one of my friends, John, quickly sent me a message to arrange a trip to Perthshire to see – of all things! – the Hermitage!

When it was first suggested, I had to Google the place. But, apparently, it’s quite a popular destination for hikers and picnics and stuff. Of course, one destination wasn’t enough for us, so we also visited the Pitlochry Power Station and Fish Ladder, took a wee wander through Pitlochry, and stopped at a couple of whisky distilleries. Not bad for a day’s activities!

And as he was kind enough to suggest the activity – and do the driving – I thought it was only fair that I provided a nice picnic lunch for the two of us. So, I whipped up some pasta salad (with salami – yum!) and a few sandwiches, cleaned some grapes, and grabbed a bag of crisps.

And now, it’s time to bore you with photos from my day! (Honestly, it was just so lovely that I wanted to let you see it!)

Of course, John wasn’t the only one to answer my call for activities, so tomorrow morning I will make my way up north to the Highlands of Scotland for a couple of days. Yay!

2 Replies to “Escaping to the hermitage”

  1. what a lovely day out.
    as for the hermit-ing *holdshanduptohermiting* – me too. sometimes people exhaust me and i need the solitude to recharge. luckily the Wee Guy is an excellent battery recharger so, even with 24/7 parenting, i get back on my feet

    1. I’m working hard to not be so hermit-y. It’s better for my emotional health to be out and about, it’s just that sometimes the ‘I’m all alone’ sulky-ness over takes! Oh well, I’m getting better!
      (Yay for Wee Battery Chargers!)

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