Feeding time

One of my favourite things about holidays abroad is the opportunity to enjoy new foods. Of course, since my latest holiday abroad was actually to my native land, it was less the enjoyment of new foods and more about the enjoyment of foods that I can’t (easily) find and enjoy whilst living in Scotland.

You may recall seeing a list of the foods I was looking forward to enjoying, and I’m pleased to say that I managed to enjoy everything on that list – and more! I also managed to enjoy several of my favourite micro-brews from around the region, and a few glasses of delicious Washington State wines.

So, what are these amazing foods I’ve been enjoying? Well, let me tell you in photos!

2 Replies to “Feeding time”

    1. I really do enjoy good food – though I don’t eat like this in the normal course of life. But when you’re on holiday, you have to live it up! (Back to healthy veggies and stuff next week.)

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