Friends and forces

I went into town yesterday for Edinburgh’s Armed Forces Day parade and celebration. I had put the event in my calendar weeks ago, and intended to go alone [enter pathetic violin music here] but ended up spending much of my time with friends.

I had mentioned the event to a couple of people I met at last week’s conferences in Aberdeen after they said they would be doing some sightseeing in Edinburgh before flying home. So I arranged to meet two women on the parade route: D, who was returning to Canada, and M, a Tunisian who was returning to her current residence of Japan. Sadly, M ended up getting to town late so missed the parade. Instead, I met her at the station after the parade to give her a wee tour of Princes Street Gardens before she had to head off to the airport.

There were some other great highlights to the day, too! Like the sun was shining the whole time (after a week of rain in Aberdeen). And I ran into my friend S before the parade and made plans to meet him for dinner and a movie next week (platonically, and with his wife’s blessings). And I got to test-ride a way-cool electric bike (details in a blog post soon!).

So. Sorry to have been so quiet lately. Things have been a little chaotic (mostly good) and I haven’t had time (or energy) to post. But I am going to dedicate July to getting back into my blogging routine, along with some other positive routine work.

But I digress.

Here are some photos to make up for my blog silence. They start with the parade, then a quick shot in Princes Street before finishing off at the Armed Forces displays. 🙂

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