Gadget Girl

Yep, that’s me: Gadget Girl. OK, I admit that I’m not the most gadgety of all gadget girls, but I’m certainly the first place contender in my little bit of the world. And I would guess that if I had the income to support it, I would probably be a contender for the world as a whole. Because gadgets are just cool.

My first gadget was a calculator watch that I got for Christmas 1983. I remember the year because I remember going back to school in January 1984 and showing it to my 4th-grade teacher, Mrs Vetter – who quickly informed me it couldn’t be used for maths tests. Oh, but it was awesome! It had an alarm clock and a small address book. I wore it all the time. In fact, I wore it so much that I remember taking it off for baths and it being rather slimy and manky underneath. It was disgusting, really.

I don’t recall how it broke, or when, but I remember always wishing I had another watch as cool as it was. Although my next digital watch was pretty neat-o with its blue glow button thingy to see the time in the dark. Again, my insistence to wear it all the time meant it got pretty icky pretty quickly. (Seriously, who wears a watch to bed?)

Anyhow, about a year or so after that first calculator watch, I got my first Walkman. I would use it when I walked around delivering newspapers – and I’d sing along. It was great! And a year or so after that, I got my first electric typewriter. In fact, I used that typewriter to make up little notes to deliver with my papers when I first took over a new route – little notes introducing myself and giving my customers my name and number in case they had any problems or questions. (Yeah, I was am a geek.)

Over the years, my gadget collection grew and I slowly became an early adopter – and a vocal gadget advocate! And, do you know what? I feel good when I have the best gadget in the room. I know it’s silly and a bit vain, but I really do get an amazing ego boost when my gadgets are better than those of everyone around me.

Sadly, leaving my job last year in favour of being an unemployed student has meant that I’ve been neglecting my gadgety ways. But that all changed today when I picked up a brand new phone. Yay!

Yes, boys and girls, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, blue Samsung Galaxy S3. It’s the latest and greatest Android phone on the market and I own one!

It took me a while to take the plunge because it required a two-year contract and my visa expires on November 11, but I am throwing caution to the wind and will just hope and pray that I get a job that allows me to extend that visa for the entire length of my phone contract – and more! Otherwise, I guess I have to pay a bit of money to cancel the contract. And I hate parting with money so – come on, job!

So, not a bad way to start the second day of my holidays! And now I have something to play with when I’m on the train to Inverness on Sunday.

Happy Gadget Day, everyone!

(And not that I’m a geek or anything, but you’ll maybe notice that I have HAL as the wallpaper on one of my laptops!)

4 Replies to “Gadget Girl”

  1. I just thought I should write a wee note and congratulate you on all the “awesomeness” you’ve accomplished over the last week or so.
    What with the dissertation and then the running, I think you definitely deserve a rest and a few treats.
    I’m afraid that I have to own up to being a bit of a luddite when it comes to phones. All a bit ironic really since I work in software development and should probably know better.
    I think my problem is that most new phones seem to be absolutely huge and I really have no need to download an app which tells me what colour socks I should match to my trousers and shoes.
    In any event, I’m hoping that the advent of those new fangled tablet/ipad thingamies will mean that phones can go back to just being phones again.
    It’s either that or Mae West’s famous line will have to be amended a little.
    Although, to be honest..
    “Is that a Galaxy S3 in your pocket, or are you just happy to see me?”
    doesn’t have quite the same ring to it.

    1. Thank you! It’s been a crazy couple of weeks with all the various accomplishments–but I speak crazy fluently, so that’s OK.
      An app that helps you be more fashionable? Now that’s something I could use! But I fear that even with that I’d still be out of fashion. Mostly because I won’t buy it until it’s on the clearance rack!

  2. Now that you’ve had it for a spell, how do you like the Galaxy?? I am about to get my next upgrade & have been comparing that with the new HTC 4g…

    1. I really love it! My last few phones have been HTC and I’ve been more and more disappointed with each. The Galaxy S3 really is ‘top of the line’ and they don’t expect it to be beat for quite some time. Photo quality is fab, too. And, over all, it just feels so nice and smooth in my hands. Love it. Love, love, love!!

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