After five years at Washington State University, I am now officially unemployed. Funnily, my five-year service certificate arrived today, too!

I’m very sad about this step and don’t have the heart just now to talk about it, because as much as I’m happy about the next steps toward my future, I am also aware of the great sadness that brought about this next phase of my life.

I will miss my job. I will miss my co-workers. And I will miss my paycheck. But I have a happy future waiting for me in Scotland and it’s just too far to commute!

The next step in this journey is saying goodbye to my cat. Then to my house. Then to my car. Then to my American family and friends. So please forgive me if I seem overly sad and melancholy for the next few weeks …

3 Replies to “Jobless”

  1. I know this is a big step towards your dream.
    I am praying for you as this transition takes place.
    You are a brave women and will be awesome. Keep
    us posted.

  2. You are constantly in my thoughts. I’m rooting for you and this new life of yours. You amaze me, constantly. Love you.

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