Bye bye, Schrodie

I said goodbye to Schrodie today and whilst it breaks my heart, I am certain that her new home will be a good place and that she’ll be well taken care of. She has gone to live with my ANT Elizabeth who will love her very much.

Yesterday was a tough day as we made the nearly-eight-hour drive from one end of the state to another. When we finally arrived at AE’s, her travel box was placed in a large crate that would allow her to acclimatise without fear of AE’s cat, Bug.

Before we left our home though, Schrodie gave me a bit of enjoyment by playing on her favourite chair. At this time, she was unaware that she was going into the box so she still liked me.

Once at AE’s, Schrodie didn’t want to come out of her travel box. Every so often, she’d peek out at me, but that was it. So, eventually, I pulled her out and let her explore the large cage. But instead, she hid out in the litter box at the back of the cage for a couple of hours.

Finally, after the house when dark and my cousins went to bed, Schrodie came out of the cage and was ready to explore the house. She snuggled with me a bit overnight, but was mostly investigating – and avoiding Bug! By the next morning, she was feeling a bit more confident in her explorations.

And here’s what it was like when Paul and I first brought her home from the shelter a little over two years ago. Only that time, she went into hiding for a few days!

I cried lots and lots when I left Schrodie behind this morning, but I know that she’ll be well-loved and that I’ll see her again. And who knows, maybe one day she’ll even join me in Scotland!

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  1. When I talked to the boys during the day, they could not find at all. I was a bit worried she had somehow snuck out the door. When I came home, I found her back in the corner under the library table. She let me pet her and shshortly after, she came out and moved to under the futon. She came out several times and sat in the various windows and let all of us love on her. I picked her up and took her to food/water, but she was not very interested in either. She crawled in the kitty house for a bit.
    Bug is really being good to her. He has not hissed or growled-he basically just looks at her with curiosity, to which she replies with a hiss. I think she is doing really well so far. I thought Bug was going to be a lot worse to her, but he isn’t.
    We are not keeping her in the crate as she seems to enjoy wandering about on accasion.
    More later. Oh, and we tatoally love her already!

    1. Oh, thank you for the update!!
      When I got up yesterday morning, we had quite a bit of snuggle time, then when I headed toward the door she followed and seemed a bit sad so I scratched her head through before I closed the door behind me. (Then cried like a baby on my way out of town!)
      I’m confident that she’ll be OK, but I know she’ll be a bit out of sorts for a few days, too. It’s a big change for her!
      I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you stepping in to take care of her for me. It makes it easier knowing that she’s somewhere that she’ll be loved–and that I can see her again!!

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