I have had one of those really crummy days where I just want to scream and throw a temper tantrum. It’s not one of those days where I am sad and upset about my lot in life; it’s not one of those days where I’m doubtful and frightened about my future.

Instead, it’s one of those days where I realise that I am not able to control the actions of others. And, worse, I cannot directly affect the choice others make. But, sadly, the choices of others will still have negative consequences for me.

Those negative consequences are what are getting to me today.

OK, it’s not like the consequences are [directly] life altering or life threatening but little by little they add up and really do impact my quality of life.

But, in an effort to not be completely negative about the day, it is Wednesday. And the house keeper comes on Wednesdays. So my house is clean now. Which makes me happy.

To summarise: Boo!! for stupid people. Yay!! for people who clean my house.

3 Replies to “Grrr…”

  1. Yay indeed for housekeepers.
    Boo for people acting as life obstacles
    yay for tomorrow when it’s a new day

    1. Yes! Tomorrow is a new day–and even better since I’ll be going to bed in freshly-laundered sheets in a few moments. (That deserves and extra Yay for housekeepers!)

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