30 things

My friend posted a list of 30 things that make her smile and asked her readers what would be on their list. So, here’s my list! [In no particular order.]

  1. Butterflies
  2. Giggling children
  3. Schrodie
  4. Good friends – real and virtual
  5. Scotland
  6. Rays of sun peeking through the clouds
  7. Pretty sports cars
  8. Shiny new gadgets
  9. Random text messages from my nieces and nephews
  10. My nieces and nephews
  11. Finishing a hard race – under goal time!
  12. Finding a penny on the sidewalk (or even more than a penny!)
  13. The smell of Paul’s shirts when I open his side of the closet (one day I’ll need to get rid of them, but not right now)
  14. Vodka Martinis – extra dirty; extra olives
  15. Memories of happier times past
  16. Dreams of happy times to come
  17. Random emails from friends
  18. Mafia movies
  19. Funky silver rings
  20. Walking on a beach right after a storm
  21. Massive rain storms complete with thunder and lightning
  22. Big herds of elk bedded down along the road
  23. Thoughts about special people in my life
  24. Long pub lunches with friends
  25. International travel with my mom
  26. Fish and chips at Seaton Carew with my in-laws
  27. Seeing the excitement on my nieces’ faces as they talk about following in my footsteps with plans to study abroad when they go to university
  28. [Good] 80s music on the radio
  29. Spending time being active outdoors
  30. Hugs and cuddles from my foster daughter
  31. Breaking the rules just a little bit…

OK! You’re next! What’s on your list?

3 Replies to “30 things”

  1. i should just copy/paste what i added to Becca’s blog
    no firefighters, chocolate, cross country skiing???
    just wait till i get round to my list …..

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