Hello from Seaton

I’m in England at the moment and that means a trip to Seaton Carew. Actually, it means as many trips there as possible. My lovely sister-in-law is seeing to it that I get my fill of fish-n-chips (and British bacon) before I have to return to the states.

I’ve not been posting much the last week, but don’t worry, Just Frances will be back in America soon. In the meantime, here’s another silly video for you to enjoy!

4 Replies to “Hello from Seaton”

    1. Oh yes! Sam and Jasper love the beach! They have fantastic toys to run after. They really are great dogs and almost make me want one of my own. But I don’t like the cleaning up after them part so will be dog-less for the foreseeable future. (The fish and chips were fab, as always!)

  1. Finally! Pictures of the beach. It was so dark and rainy (hmmm, that sounds like the beginning of a book) that evening we went for fish and chips that the beach was pretty invisible!

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