Having a Ball (and a Martini)

It’s pickle season. That means that when I come home from work tomorrow the house will be full of people and pickle making supplies.

Mmmm… Grandma’s pickles. It’s a little piece of sodium-laden heaven in every crunch bite.

I’ve washed my canning jars (wide-mouth Balls, because that’s the best for pickles) and more jars will be arriving tomorrow along with freshly-picked pickling cucumbers.

The kid is excited about making pickles. She’s also excited that my 11- and 13-year-old nephews are joining in on the pickle preparations. She talks about the nephews – whom she’s yet to meet – as if they are her best friends. Exciting!

So, pickle preparations are done for the evening; which means it’s time to take the advice of the best parenting author I’ve ever read: Christie Mellor. Yes, she’s all about parents being number one and, more importantly, parents taking time to enjoy the grown-up pleasures of a Martini. (Her “Three-Martini” look on parenting was one that Paul and I agreed with. Too bad we didn’t get the chance to put the theory into action!)

3 Replies to “Having a Ball (and a Martini)”

  1. It warms my heart that the girl is looking so forward to meeting my crazy kids. I can’t speak for the kids, but I know that *I* am excited to meet her! Let the pickling begin (we are still talking about cukes… I think…)

  2. I think it’s awesome (must be rubbing off!) that the kid is excited to meet your niece and nephew too. That 3 martini parenting trick must be a good ‘un!
    Have fun – with the pickling and the martini

  3. I’m tellin’ ya – three martinis and you can handle anything a kid throws at you. As long as you don’t need to take them to the emergency room!
    I have a feeling that the kids aren’t going to be much help, but at least they’ll start learning the ever-important skills of canning! Yay!

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