Home for the holidays

I’m home! After 856 days away, I have finally returned home to hug my parents. (Real hugs are way better than proxy hugs!)

I began to think about travelling home for the holidays as soon as I was offered my new job. But then, as the inevitable visa delays set in, I wasn’t sure if I’d be able to make it this year. However, the visa was approved, and my new job began just in time for me to start making plans.

And so, the decision for a trip home was made on Thanksgiving. Then I booked my flights the following day. And the day after that, Omicron was “announced” and travel rules began to change. But I made it home.

Yes, I am home for the holidays!

I arrived in America last night and Daddy collected me at the airport. Then we made the slow and snowy drive over the mountain pass to get to The Homeland, also known as Cle Elum, Washington. When I got into the house, the first thing I did was hug my Mummy. And it was wonderful!

I am now awake, bright and early. Even earlier than my normal early (5.30ish). But that’s what a 6,000-mile flight and an 8-hour time difference do to you!

And when I say I am awake, I mean I am awake. That’s what Dad Strength coffee does to you. It wakes you up.

Dad Strength Coffee!

And I am well-fed, too. Because my Mummy made sure that one of my favourite cereals was in the house for my return. Not that we were ever allowed to enjoy this sugary “food” when I was a kid…

Healthy breakfast!

My three weeks in The Homeland will be spent at home in Cle Elum with my parents. I haven’t made plans to meet with anyone else, although I might see a couple of people here and there (assuming they are fully vaccinated and generally COVID19-safe).

For the first week, I will be working. I have a few meetings and a lot of marking to get done. And from the looks of the weather, a lot of snow shovelling to do in between. I will also be doing some baking and helping with a long list of chores around the house.

Oh, sure. It will feel like a working holiday rather than a playing holiday, but I am more than happy to spend my time away from work/home helping my folks. And, really, just being here doing “nothing” with them.

I am really looking forward to the next three weeks. I am looking forward to just being with my parents. I am looking forward to spending a quiet and uneventful Christmas with my parents and to hugging my parents.

I am home for the holidays. And my heart is so happy!

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