A new visa for a new future

I have been holding my breath for the past several weeks, anxiously awaiting news on my new work visa. As I shared at the start of November, there was a big delay that created a load of stress and uncertainty. But I am pleased to say that the uncertainty is now over and I have my new work visa. (Yay!)

I actually got the approval email last Monday, about 14 weeks after submitting an application that was meant to be processed within 8 weeks. That notification indicated that I would have my biometric residence permit (BRP) within 7 days. Two days later (Wednesday morning) they emailed to say that my BRP would be delivered within 48 hours and that the courier company would email and text me tracking details within 24 hours.

Come Thursday, there were no tracking details and no permit. But I held out hope that it would be in my hands by lunchtime on Friday. But, again, no tracking details and no permit. And again, on Saturday. (I didn’t bother with hope on Sunday as they don’t deliver on a Sunday.)

When I woke up this morning, I was feeling a little frustrated again because I had no news on the BRP delivery and I knew I couldn’t raise the issue with the Home Office until 10 working days had passed.

But then, just after lunch, two men in an unmarked van showed up (wearing orange hi-vis vests). I thought they must be manual labours, repairmen, or inspectors of some sort given their appearance. But when I opened the door and saw one was holding an electronic delivery tracker whilst the other held an official-look envelope, I knew they were there for me!

I explained to the men that I wasn’t expecting them, which they found odd since their delivery orders showed my name on the list. And even though I am very frustrated with the failure of communications in the delivery of my BRP, I am just so very happy that it has arrived.

I spent the rest of the day dealing with emails and calls back and forth to human resources and new colleagues to prepare for my start. And I am pleased to say that my start date is tomorrow, 23 November 2021. Nearly two months late, but that’s better than never.

(More on just what and where the new job is later this week…)

I won’t re-hash the anxiety that the visa delay has caused other than to say it has been a very challenging time. But the visa is now in my possession and I can start to think about (and plan for) the future with a little more clarity on confidence now. And that’s always a good thing.

Another good thing is that more than 20 years after first arriving in Scotland, this is one of the last steps before I can apply for citizenship. And that will mean no more visa woes. Oh, what a happy thought that is.

So, here’s to a bright new future and some bright and exciting posts to follow.

Also: Happy 77th birthday to my father.

4 Replies to “A new visa for a new future”

    1. Yes, although when I got the visa approval last week I had hoped that I’d be sharing the memorable occasion of a new job on your birthday. Still… better late than never. (I hope there’s birthday pie on the menu for you today.)

    1. Thank you! You’ve been a huge support these past few weeks (years!!!) and I really appreciate you for it. Now, must get to work as I’m not an unemployed bum any longer. 🙂

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