Temporarily unemployed

Yesterday marked the last day of my post-doc life and today was meant to mark the first day of my lecturing career. But, alas, things haven’t quite worked out as I had planned, and I am now (temporarily) unemployed.

The delay is because my visa application is still being processed and I can’t start the new job until I have my new visa. However, I am not overly concerned about it, as I am still within the visa approval timescale (I’ll start stressing next week if it’s not been approved by then).

I am, however, taking this as a sign that I deserve a break. And whilst I won’t get a full break (I have a couple of tasks that I must complete) I will do as much relaxing as possible.

Whilst I might sound relaxed and calm about this glitch in the employment timeline, there is a great amount of stress and anxiety that goes along with this because there is so much uncertainty. I do not know when I will begin the new job or when I will have an income again, and that means that I cannot make “big” plans. But I am trying to stay hopeful that it will all work out and my visa will be approved.

So… The holiday starts today! And, with luck, it will be a short holiday.

And hopefully, I will make that formal “new job” announcement that I’ve been hinting at before too long.

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