Home(ish) for Christmas

Well, I suppose now that Christmas is over, I should tell you a bit about my lovely Christmas weekend! And it really was a lovely weekend! I went to Aberdour with my friend, Rebecca, to spend Christmas with her parents. And whilst I wasn’t with my own family, I was made to feel like part of the family.

It was a wonderful weekend with loads of laughter and new traditions. I enjoyed my first-ever Christmas goose (I hope it’s not my last) and managed lots of relaxation in between scrumptious meals prepared by Rebecca’s mum.

Oh! And I got gifts for Christmas, too! A lovely cashmere scarf, a French press, some homemade jams, lots of candy and chocolates, fresh coffee, and even a worry stone. (And more!)

Yes, it was a wonderful Christmas! So wonderful, in fact, that I didn’t manage to take as many photos as I normally would have. But you can see the few I did manage!

Oh! And you know those bugs from the photo gallery can be seen in the video below. My bug (yellow) won. But Rebecca will tell you that her sissy pink bug did.

3 Replies to “Home(ish) for Christmas”

  1. Pink so won, I don’t know how you can say otherwise!
    It was great having you share Christmas with us. My Mum says you are now officially part of the family. I think my Dad approved of the bug fighting too!

  2. wow! there was a tree! in years gone by it was a branch from the garden 🙂
    so funny seeing ‘my’ christmas turn up in someone else’s blog. hope you had a great time and all best wishes for new year 🙂

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