I am sad and lonely

I took myself into town today for some sightseeing and struggled over how I felt about the day. I had originally planned to spend the day with a friend, but our plans were cancelled so I found myself alone. But alone isn’t always a bad thing, and I was determined to enjoy myself. And I think I did, mostly. Only there were constant reminders throughout the day that I was there alone – and everyone else seemed to be with someone.

I know that’s not true and that there will have been others sad and alone, and probably some who felt that way despite being in company – but I can only feel my emotions, so those are the ones I experienced.

Anyhow, it’s prompted me to do an “I Am” poem again, because I feel form poems help to focus my feelings at times.

And, as I’d expect, it’s rather sad and depressing.

However, I am going to re-visit this poetry prompt a bit more regularly throughout the year – to remember to fill in the form when I’m enjoying life (which I do quite often, honestly). I know that I may feel sad and lonely right now, because I’ve just spent the day alone after having spent most of the last two weeks alone, but I know that there are days when I feel happy and loved, too.

But for now, here’s the sad and lonely version … (I hope to have a happy one for you soon!)

I am sad and lonely

by Just Frances

I am sad and lonely
I wonder if these things are my destiny
I can hear the laughter from my memories
I can see the laughter in my dreams
I want to laugh like that again one day
I am sad and lonely

I pretend that I love my life
I feel my way around the emptiness
I touch the dark corners in my mind
I worry they will take over the light
I cry when I’m alone at night
I am sad and lonely

I understand the pain of silence
I say it can’t last forever
I dream of being happy and loved
I try to remember to laugh
I hope for happier tomorrows
I am sad and lonely

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