10 to-dos for 2015

I really do love the start of the New Year, because it’s a great opportunity to start fresh. To that, I generally love the end of the year, too, as it’s a great motivator to finish one year’s tasks before moving on to the next.

Generally speaking, my lists are kept on paper and are re-copied as I go along. I add to the list as I cross off completed tasks, and sometimes I delete tasks that I’ve decided aren’t for me. (Sometimes giving up is a sign of strength and courage!)

Anyhow, this year I thought I’d share some of my desired 2015 tasks with you here. In part, because I know I’m more likely to do things I’ve told others about, but also so that I have something to reflect on at the end of the year.

So, here are 10 of the tasks I have on my list this year (so far):

  1. Write two proper letters per month
  2. Turn two purple dresses into skirts
  3. Turn funky green shirt into skirt
  4. Make stuffed owl and hearts from old jacket
  5. Crochet shell-stitch afghan for my housemate
  6. Make pendants from old sea glass
  7. Make sock monkeys for Layla and Dylan (and others)
  8. Finish swirls for Royann, Jessica, and Joey (and others)
  9. Make stained-glass cards for Mum and Ant Elizabeth
  10. Make t-shirt quilt from pre-2010 running shirts

I know it seems pretty simple to cross off 10 items in a year, but most of these tasks will take several days or even weeks – and many have a steep learning curve, too. Still, they’re things I really want to get done this year, and I hope I manage them all.

There will be many other tasks completed over the year – and many goals reached – but these are the things that are on my list for now. (I confess that some have been carried over from 2014!)

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