It may never be done…

Shortly after moving into our new home, I started working on a queen-sized afghan using the bits and scraps of other projects. Paul and I were looking forward to having loads of handmade afghans and quilts to keep us warm. Then when Paul died I stopped stitching because I just didn’t have the heart for it.

But about nine months later, I picked up my hooks and started to work on the afghan once again. I even put out a call to friends for any left-over yarn they might have—and was pleased to have people respond with bags of the stuff!

Then summer hit. Then I took in a foster kid. Then life’s stresses hit. Then the holiday season’s depression hit. Then I needed to concentrate on finishing my foster daughter’s [now late, but finally finished] Christmas afghan.

Which meant this lovely queen-sized afghan was neglected and neglected and neglected. (Though there were periods between neglect where I’d hook a couple of rows.)

Anyhow, I guess it’s about half-way done now—nearly three years after it got started! But all of the sudden I’m moving back to Scotland. And it seems silly to take a half-finished project this size with me, but I can’t ditch it now because I’ve put in too much effort.

And so, I am now stitching for my mommy! Yep, I’ve decided that I will attempt at finishing this sucker before I fly out to Scotland this summer and I will give the finished afghan to my Mom. I think she’ll like this plan.

Of course, in taking a photo of the project so far, I spread the blanket out on the floor and quickly noticed that it’s getting wider as I go. I think it’s a combination of me loosening my stitches as I get faster and the different, softer yarns that I’m using right now. So Mom, I’m very sorry but you’ll be getting a crooked afghan.

Right. Time to stop blogging now and start hooking…

6 Replies to “It may never be done…”

  1. The afghan will look great next to my multi-colored quilt from Grandma. Thank you. And, if you need any more yarn, I still have some in one of the suitcases upstairs.

    1. Well, I hope you like it. If nothing else, it will be an extra layer of warmth for the winter! As for the yarn, I’ll probably take it! I don’t have enough left here and won’t be doing any other projects to create ‘spare’ until this is done.

    1. Thinking about ways to raise money for graduate school, I thought about making afghans to sell so that I could say that I paid for my education by being a hooker.
      But then I thought about two important facts:
      1) I think they’d take away my “Good Catholic Girl” card for joking about such things
      2) I’m not good enough at the craft of hooking to make money at it. Nor am I fast enough to make it profitable.
      (But, yeah, I like to say I’m a hooker because it’s funny!)

  2. Well done on finishing the other afghan, and best of luck with this one! Crooked is cool: you can wrap the wider end around your shoulders super securely or something! Store bought blankets nowadays are often so small; your mother will really appreciate having this!

    1. Store-bought blankets?! I have very few of them. Mostly, I use quilts made by my grandmother and grandfather and afghans made by my mom and sister. And one VERY heavy woven blanket made in Mexico and bought at a local fair. I agree that many store blankets are small. I recently bought a king size coverlet for a queen size bed.

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