It’s done!

When I began stitching my foster daughter’s Christmas afghan back in October, I really thought I would be able to finish it. But with the holidays came a bit of depression, which – added to the fact that I could only stitch when she was sleeping – meant that the project was slow going.

Since I showed her the partial gift on Christmas day, it meant that I was able to work on it in front of her finally. Of course, the post-holiday depression was still there and I wasn’t quite as motivated as I thought I’d be.

However, a couple of weeks ago I got my mojo back and started hooking at warp speed, which means that two months after Christmas, it’s finally done.

And the best thing is that the kid is super happy about it!

Oh, and she happily pointed out the other day that it’s purple and green so she’ll always remember me because purple is her favourite colour and green is mine! (Aw, bless her little cotton socks!)

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    1. Thanks, Mom! I know that I loved (and still love) the afghan Grandma made me when I was a child, so I hope the kid has the same feelings toward hers when she grows up! And I hope you like the colours because there was a spare skein that will get worked into your ‘left overs’ afghan!! (And some extra purple from the scarf I made her, too!)

      1. Hooray!! I love the yarn you used for the kid’s afghan and scarf. So glad that there is enough left over to add to the afghan of many colors. Next to my bed right now is a similar one made by Mom…scraps from every afghan she made…except the funky woven one I got.

  1. Wow, that’s really beautiful. You’ll have to teach me how to do that wave/zig zag stitch please!

    1. It’s funny you should say that because last night I dreamt that we were at a park with some other ladies and we were all teaching each other different patterns. I was teaching the wave/zig zag and you were teaching the mobius thing that was frustrating the heck out of me!!
      Not long and we can sit in the park hooking together for real! :giggle:: 😉

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