It’s snow time!

The National Weather Service has announced a blizzard warning for the Palouse through tomorrow. And let me just say, I believe it! That’s a lot of snow falling from the skies!

After a slow drive home on the barely visible highway, I am treating myself to a nice cup of hot cocoa (with a touch of Bailey’s, of course).

They say it’s going to be another record-breaker. Check out what a Palouse record-breaking snow looked like in 2008/09 on RyanCentric! (Just over 100 inches fell that year. Brrr…)

Yay! for snow and Yay! for hot cocoa with Baileys!

2 Replies to “It’s snow time!”

  1. Why have I never thought of Baileys in cocoa?!! Sometimes I am so slow! Baileys is the first thing I ever drank, I loved it since babyhood! And yet I have never thought to put it in cocoa.

    1. Yeah, I think I’ll stick with Baileys in coffee. But that’s probably because I’m not really a big hot chocolate drinker. But since I was making it for the kid I had some, too. If you like cocoa though, it’s a real winner!

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