Kid questions

Kids are great. I love the way they don’t mince words.

I called a friend on Tuesday to ask for help after claiming it “Ask for Help Tuesday”. Tuesday was a bad day for me. A really, really bad day. So I was crying as I asked for help. My friend had her young grandchildren with her at the time and was telling them to hold on whilst we spoke.

Anyhow, I called the same friend on Wednesday to let her know some fantastic news that I’d just received. And again she had her grandchildren with her.

I laughed when I heard the young boy ask: “Is she going to cry about her dead husband again?”

And I smiled when my friend said: “Yes, she will always cry for him.”

Even more, I love that my friend allows me to cry for him but that she also allows me to laugh and celebrate my life.

That’s it. No real point to this “Taking Back My Lunch Hour” post.

Happy Thursday!

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