Life’s a beach

Today was one of those days that didn’t include any true accomplishments, but that did include lots and lots of smiles and laughter. Yes, it was a wonderful, beachy day indeed!

Of course, it’s been another long and exhausting day, too, that it is going to end in another very early night. So I’ll just share the highlights.

I went for a very short run in the morning then gathered up some beach gear and snack food for a trip to the lake with three of my nieces and a nephew.

Then around noon the five of us gathered in the car, turned the country tunes up on the radio, and sang along on the drive to Lake Cle Elum.

Once at the lake, we feasted on junk food and laughed. And laughed. And laughed.

When we were done laughing at the lake, we drove back to town to have coffees at The Pioneer before heading back to my folks. By then, Virginia had to leave to get ready for work, Krystyne had to go home to do some school work, and Parker and Haden’s mum came to take them home.

And that meant a wee moment or two of relaxation for me.

Then, after a bit of relaxation, Krystyne came back to get me so that she could take me to McKean’s for dinner (cooked by Virginia).

Yes, it’s been another wonderful day in the Homeland, catching up with some of my favourite people. I’m enjoying the little chats I’m having with each of the kids – and am realising that they’re not really kids anymore! (Talk of girlfriends, driving, jobs, and university; I feel old!)

Tomorrow is another busy day, but I really am looking forward to it!

[Photo: That’s me, Virginia (19), Parker (16), Krystyne (17), and Haden (14).]

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