McKean’s Drive-In is the local burger joint in my hometown and is a true institution. When I was in school several of my friends worked there – as did I when they needed the extra hands and I wasn’t already working my waitressing job at the truck stop down the road.

In my 20s, I would go down on a Friday night with my good friend and his daughter and the three of us would pig out on McGuire Specials, deep-fried mushrooms, onion rings, and milkshakes (make mine pineapple, please!). I’d pop in from time to time on my own, too, for a to-go order.

Because Paul was a vegetarian, we never went there – and I got to thinking about it a few weeks ago and realised that it had been 6 or 7 years since my last visit. Which got me thinking about the delicious goodness I was missing out on. So, I posted something on Facebook about it and before I knew it, old high school friends from around the state were on board for a McKean’s Meet-Up.

And so, yesterday I made the drive from the Palouse to the homeland to meet for McGuire Specials. Before lunch, I went to cheer on two of my young nieces who had spent their Saturday at a math competition – and ended up kidnapping the 12-year-old afterwards to take her for lunch with us.

Altogether there were eight of us there in the small dining room in the back. My favourite set of twins spent a bit of time reminiscing about their time working behind the counter for “Ammonia Amelia” before our conversations turned to very silly reminiscing about everything under the sun. After lunch, four of us planned to meet at the Brick in Roslyn for a quick beer. Dropping my niece off at home along the way, she remarked that she really enjoyed the whole group – but was certain to point out that we all acted like children!! (I think that this was a compliment though!)

Once at the Brick, my favourite twins, a good friend from high school, and I continued the visiting and laughter for a bit before everyone had to go their own way. (Which included me and one of the twins finding our way to a bar in Cle Elum for a few more beers…)

I think that we all were reminded that the homeland isn’t too far from where we all live now and that there is no reason that we can’t meet up for lunch a little more often. We’re thinking that our next gathering might just be that slumber party that was mentioned on Facebook. (Maybe the niece was right: We really do act like children!)

4 Replies to “McKean’s”

  1. That 12 year old niece is still talking about the silliness and having fits of giggles remembering.
    Where will the slumber party take place? Is everyone going to your place in the Palouse or do you need a “host” in the homeland?

  2. I’m glad the kid enjoyed it! Sounds like she really got a kick out of M.W.!! I don’t think she expected to see a group of women in their mid-30s giggle and laugh so much!
    There was talk about doing a slumber party in a hotel in Seattle – that way no one has to play hostess. I’ll maybe check around and see what we can do.

  3. I don’t know why she wouldn’t expect that… she’s seen me with my friends. 😉
    A hotel in Seattle would be fun! Let me know. I would love to join in (and can offer to kick my family out and do the hosting here, if needed…)

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